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Cuttlefish in a Reef Tank


Oct 19, 2008
Well this was over in the Octo forum but I need to move it here and get some opinions in this forum now, since we have switch towards cuttlefish instead of an octopus.

I'm new to the cuttlefish field but have been in the reef field for quite some time. Well, my girlfriend works in a lab in at Clemson, studying the immune systems of oysters. She and her department head have started discussing setting up a tank in the window opening towards the hall and back towards their lab for others and themselves to view. But, upon talking to their higher ups and lab officials over them they have found out that due to OSHA laws they are not able to keep vertebrates in their lab. So, the discussion has turned to a reef tank with the possibility of a variety of corals and a cuttlefish... I originally said why not corals and some nice shrimps and crabs, but I was told I was being boring. My major question is are octopus fine to keep in a tank with corals and are there any limitations to the types of corals. They were thinking something around the 75-120 gallon range. I understand that they will need a skimmer rated much higher than the true amount of water. What types of octopus would be suited for this size tank and reef setup. They would prefer a day active species since that's the only time they are there. Any ideas and suggestions towards getting this ball rolling would be awesome. I've done some reading but I want some input on if you were starting all over and these were the stipulations, what would you do?
Aug 1, 2007
if you want an octo you would probaly want an acuelatus because a bimac needs cooler water. To do corals with and octo or cutle it is the same. You can have peaceful sps corals. No stinging corals likse lps and no anemones. You could do zoas and mushrooms and soft and leather corals. You can make a really nice sps tank with cuttles. Try looking at paradox's 150 gallon coral and cuttle tank to get ideas.

Best of luck