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cuttlefish egg update


Blue Ring
Jan 7, 2003
ok there is a million more eggs in there. and she is still going strong. eating excellent. She has been moved from guppies to gold fish and man do they give her the run around. Alittle ago i cut open an egg from when i first noticed them and i didnt see much. Probally tonight i am going to do it again. My hopes are way down for babys right now but we will see. Id have to say this is one exsperiance that will last a life time. If you ever get a chance own one if you can properly provide for it there amazing and fun. And I want to thank tonmo.com for if it wasnt for you this wouldnt be made possiable. It will be a sad day when she passes because she is so loved.
well two eggs hatched so far. the babys have gone missing so im moving the mother incase she wants to eat then. as soon as i find the two or more hatch im going to get pictures but until then im going to just have to wait. they were laid over far periods of time so there going to take time to hatch.
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