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cuttlefish bandensis head count


O. vulgaris
Apr 12, 2007
please take a couple seconds off of your life to post here if you have met the following specifications:

*you live in the U.S.A.
*you have bought a cuttlefish (bandensis), or cuttlefish (bandensis) eggs online.
*you have raised that same cuttlefish (bandensis) that you ordered online for over 6 months.

If you meet these requirements it would be extremly helpful if you could post on this thread saying that you have met requirements. you can simply say "i have" or if you really want to help a lot post the website that you ordered the cuttlefish (bandensis). The results of these studies will go to a future cuttlefish bandensis owner. Thank you in advance.:smile:
Just about everyone who has met those criteria has done you one better and posted detailed, multi-paged threads describing every bit of our experience! Use the search function and the world will be your oyster!


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