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Cuttlefish Availability

You're right - I just haven't set up the Cuttlefish Availabillity post (which sticks at the top of the forum) yet.

Glad there are some available.

jojo said:
I was indoor reef www.indooreef.com the other day asking about octopuses and they said they can also get S.Prashadi, S.Apama, and S. Latimanus cuttles and are willing to ship.

I have never heard of s.prashadi. I couldn't find it in ceph world guide either. I am surprised they can get the others too.
I have never heard of anyone keeping S.prashadi or S.apama, although I belive a few people keep S.latimanus. Although keeping an S.apama would be undeniably cool (the cuttle would be almost as big as you...), you'd need a tank the size of a swimming pool to give it adequate space. S.prashadi does not appear to be common in the pet trade, even though it looks fairly common, and is medium-sized, at least according to this website here: http://www.zen-ika.com/zukan/01-10/p06.html. Truly, the only thing that seems to be keeping S.prashadi out of our aquariums is the fact that it's not really well known.

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