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Cuttle ID help!

Feb 18, 2005
I have a new cuttle that I do not know the species. Can anyone help with the ID.

Here are a couple of images I took. Hopefully they are good enough..I cant seem to get the art of taking good tank pics...


It is currently 1.5 inches or so...

Im hoping its a bandenesis or will have to find it a new/largerhome very soon...

Feb 18, 2005
I have some from right as well..actually I will be baby sitting his cuttles for a while..=)

This guy however is from a local fishstore...The tag said "Tank Raised Cuttle" The worker there stated that it was from a guy in LA that breeds them.. However, this fish store has a notoriously bad reputation, so I do not know if this is true and have no idea where it is from...

Congradulations on your new guy...Im sure you already have the obbsession with them. I just cant stop looking at them!!
Aug 15, 2005
if you bought if from a lfs and they say its a tank raised s bandensis, then either its not tank raised or its not an s bandensis, cuz i dont know of anyone else who breeds, no less sells to lfs's.
Feb 18, 2005
The sign just said tank raised cuttlefish...no species name..I didnt know any other breeders as well, so the story seemed contrived. Righty's opinion was similar.

Im only accustomed looking at small baby bandenesis, and this guy is much bigger. The babies seem to range in color from white to the dark red. This guy has definite patterns as you can see. Also, the baby bandenesis seem to like having their skin in the rough rocky texture when resting. This guy is always smooth skinned. But who knows..,maybe older bandenesis look much different...
Jan 27, 2005
OK, not 100% sure on this but I had a cuttle that looked very similar to that. Your description of the color range between white and dark red matches mine too. The irises of the pupils, that kind of zigzag, also matches. The pattern looks similar, and the small slender appearance of the arms. However the head seemed smaller in relation to the body.

I never positively identified mine, but tentatively it seemed to match pictures and descriptions of Sepia aculeatus (juvenile). I think that guy from Taiwan who posted the link to his photo album on this forum had pics of some of his. Does it bury itself in the sand completely?

Mine also had some unpleasant habits, which i have videotaped - producing a "skin" of mucous which they shed, and which seems to be toxic to other types of cuttlefish.
It was also quite topsy-turvy, its body tending to rock back and forth. This same rocking movement was used when it would very quickly bury itself in the sand.


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Jan 22, 2004
I cant see the videos. Sad me.

Do the white markings on the head and body stay the same, or do they change? They kind of look like injuries.

If it was tank raised, they really should be able to tell you more than cuttlefish. :biggrin2:

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