Cthulhu Jewellry

Somewhere I've got a copy of a doodle by none other than HPL himself, and he actually gave Cthulhu multiple eyes. However, considering the references to The Green One in "The Call of Cthulhu", where he is likened to an octopus, a squid, and a cuttlefish in different places, I think HPL finally decided upon two.
My malevolent octopus SPECTRE ring is on it's way to Tucson, even as we speak! Will post pics as soon as I get it! Anyone familiar with the films "Thunderball" or "You Only Live Twice" knows what this looks like...

Been wanting one for decades, now.
Got it!

Tonight I recieved my SPECTRE signet ring, featuring the malevolent octopus design. I've been wanting one of these for twenty-plus years, ever since VCR technology first allowed me to repeatedly view James Bond movies, instead of having to wait until they were run on ABC Sunday nights. Ahhhh, the SPECTRE octopus. According to Robert Anton Wilson, Ian Fleming didn't die of natural causes - he was secretly murdered for revealing too much of what was really going on by inventing SPECTRE. Personally, I feel that the choice of the octopus as symbol spells it all out. SPECTRE is the Cthulhu cult.

I'll share images as soon as I record them!

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