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Crab Pieces Problems


O. bimaculoides
Feb 25, 2004
My octopus leaves crab legs all over the tank. If I don't pullthem out they will rot, but it's hard to find them all with all the live rock in there. Any tips on resolving this problem? I thought about putting legless crabs in there, but that seems pretty cruel to me. I'll try feeding it clams, but I don't know if he will take them.
brittle stars work quite well at that sort of work and should be left alone by octos... but it is still a good idea to rmove bits of crabs as it can cause the phosphate levels to rise...

you will find your bristleworm and amphipod populations will rise with time but they only help
Use a siphon! Thats how we get the ones on a difficult spot out! You can always run the water through a sieve and put it back in the tank but you gotta get those legs out!

Also what about a pair of tongs??? We sometimes use a "helping hand" y'know the think people who can't bend down use to pick up stuff from the floor?

Hope that helps

I've been feeding him a lot of frozen shrimp lately, but he seems to like box crabs and 7-11 crabs more. I'm going to try alternating, a couple days of shrimp followed by a day of crab, that way I have less to clean up.

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