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couple of setup questions


Dec 12, 2003
Hi all I have been lurking for a while, I am in the process of setting up a 58 gal. for a future Bimac., and have a couple of questions I haven't been able to search out answers to. So far I am only hording equipment, and hope to set up next week or so (when ever the lights arrive and I finish the filtration).

1)How much current is to much for an octopus? I am planning on a refrigerum with a WD, that will have about 450 GPH flow. Plus I was going to add a powerhead in each front corner to alternate flow, simulating tidal currents and to agitate the surface. (125GPH at the bottoms, and 250-300 GPH in the top corners).

2)Protein Skimmer placement. Should the skimmer be before water reaches the filtration, or after, or does it really matter? I was thinking water should enter the skimmer first to minimise the ink from getting into the filtration (cause think I read it is kind of mucasy as opposed to watery). To that end I had planed on the overflow entering the prefilter of the refrigerum, then reaching the PS, THEN the refrigerum, overflow into the WD and back to the tank.

That is about it for now, but I am sure I will stumble onto more in the next few weeks and months before I order an Octo. Thanks for your help.
Hi and :welcome: to TONMO.com!!

The tidal currents aren't really necessary. As for the skimmer, it won't really matter where it is put as long as the filtration media is cleaned after inking. There are also some people who put their skimmers in sumps so that it will be easier to make the tank escape proof.
I was putting the powerheads in for the live rock more than anything. But I just want to make sure an octopus isn't going to feel like he is in a hurricane.

I guess my filtration explination wasn't to clear. Everything will be housed in the sump, even the heaters. The filter will be multi stage, and all in line so that is why I was asking about minimising ink getting into the sump by placing the Protein Skimmer first. Or is that just a lost cause?
If you can i would put the skimmer first before the sump.. that's how i have done it in the past.. your right in thinking that its better to get to the water before it hits the filtration.. a skimmer will remove a lot of the waste before the filter need worry about it.

However, if it does ink then the skimmer wont remove it all before it hits the filter...

I cant say for definite about the powerheads as its difficult to put into words but use common sense and dont have too much of a surge.. some still water parts are of benefit to the octopus but i have seen them 'playing' in currents also.. so... just kinda normal tank water movement... sorry that's so vague! :frown:

So... good luck david and ask away if you come up with more questions
Actually Colin, for a scatter brain like me that makes sense. Keep it reasonable and the Octo should be happy, and if I get adjustable powerheads, I can adjust if necessary. :smile:

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