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commercial cuttlefish tanks


Nov 18, 2003
Hi everyone,

I am doing a school project on the construction of a observation tank for the public of cuttlefish. I have noticed that this is a great site, and was just wondering if anyone had some good ideas for the construction of this tank, or maybe point me in the right direction for more information. Thanks in advance
Well, it also depends on what species of cuttle and the no. of cuttles you're gonna get as some can grow up to 50cm ML while others to only 6cm ML. But a bigger tank should be better as the NRCC only has pretty large species of cuttlefish. If you read Colin's posts he thinks that even a 200g tank isn't enough for two Officinalis.
If you mean the actual physical construction... IE cutting glass and gluing bits together then I can help there as I used to work for an aquarium maunufacturing company. Some of our tanks were in 25mm thick glass and up to 18x4x3 feet or so
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