Colossal Squid workshop


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Mar 8, 2004
myopsida;115294 said:
The thawing tank (10,000 litres) is completed; webcam installation should be completed next week. 600 litres of formalin ordered.....

An idle observation.. Neil Diamond is an anagram of "No mind . . ideal".

Is that a way of losing yourself in music Dr O?

Any word on how the webcam will work? I was wondering if it'll be recordable, so we can freeze-frame and revisit: OOOOHHHH! Look at the Eye!

...and "that expression on Steve's face is perfect for this Photoshopping idea", of course... Is Discovery requiring that it's webcast-but-no-recording so they can make it into a doco later? I'm imagining (and hoping) the lectures will be a bit more academic than they want, though, although I guess they might want to use excerpts...

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