Colossal Squid (Mesonychoteuthis) Pictures

Cephkid;73011 said:
[edit]: I will agree, the teenage male human hormones are hell-o on the sanity. Espescially when you're the only male student in a class of eleven on a daily basis. D@M^ED HORMONES!

You say that like it's a bad thing.
BruceL;2892 said:
Just wanted to chime in and say thank you for posting the pictures.

Don't let Peter Benchley see them, though... the last thing we need is a The Beast 2.

Mr. Benchley is deceased. He is passed on. He is pushing up the daisies. He is taking a dirt nap. He is gone. He is no more. He is no longer amongst the living. He. . . is an EX-Benchley!


(Apologies to John Cleese.)

Also sprach Vincent
haha man,... I spent all this time reading up on Architeuthis, trying to keep redundancy from showing on my part, and now all this Mesonychoteuthis stuff pops up, and I'm at a loss of a original content to talk about it. Live video would be nice to watch though.

seriously... I'm thinking about skipping any attempt of going through the long hard journey of becoming a Marine Biologist, and just becoming one of those fisherman to get strait to the action. Haha, I don't see why a whole bunch of you don't do it, just skip the whole grant thing, and pull a fast one over the fishing companys.... they won't realize the hidden agenda till it's too late. Plus, I'm sure they won't ask questions of why you would be lugging all that equipment on board. it's full proof
wow, thanks for sharing... conflicted emotions when seeing these types of encounters; brutal (and seemingly pointless!) but it's always so amazing to see these rare creatures in action.
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