Collecting Specimens in Hawaii!!!


Oct 12, 2004
I'm going to Maui tomorrow, and I'll be there for the next week with internet access, so please don't stop giving me tips! :smile: I'll be in Kehei about 45 minutes from Lahaina. (sp?)

What cephs can be collected in the Maui area? What should I bring to collect, ie how many nets and of what size? Where should I look for the buggers?

Any tips for collecting? I have a QT all set up for anything I may bring back. Actually, let's not limit this to just cephs, any cool critters you think I should look to bring back would be of help too.

I don't have a scuba license.

Thanks guys!
you should bring back......


i am NOT a big fan of catching stuff in the wild and then forcing it to live in a cage.

specially something as intelligent as an octopus which would understand what was going on.

take pictures and video and then give a farm born Octo a good home.
hi greg,

better look into what's legal too? I dont think its all that easy to be honest

All true.

But, it really is almost as easy as I made it sound. All I need is an aquarium permit, that I can get at the Fish and Game Dept on Maui. Plus, it's free! :)

I mainly looking to bring back maybe 2 or 3 Hawaiian Bobtails.

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