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Clean or happy?


May 20, 2003
Hi I have a couple of questions about my new octopus I am hoping some more experienced owners can help with.

I've had Shaggy about 3 weeks. He was sold to me as a brown octopus, but I think he is a Vulgaris. He's shy but is coming around. He has used some barnacle shells to make his den. He has moved the cluster right up against the glass of the aquarium and he looks out at the world from there. He even broke one of the shells off and uses it like a front door. He is a bit on an interior designer, as he also broke off a feather duster and wedged it to the right of his "door" and uses it like a doorstop. As this den is so close to the aquarium glass algae is building up on the glass. I need to clean the glass but I don't want to disturb him, he seems to feel safe in his den and I don't want to distress him by pulling it apart. What should I do?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions,
How narrow is the space in between the den and the front glass? if its wide enough, take some kitchen paper and wrap it round a wooden skewer. then just clean the glass with it.
:grad: If your tank is deep or you dont want to wet your hand, just use silicon and glue a few sticks together. Move slowly so you don't startle shaggy. This might take a while and make your arm ache but i cant seem to think of any other ideas.
hope this will help!!!

When the "door" is closed there is no room between the den and the glass. Whe the door is open there is only about 1cm between the den and the glass. I don't mind getting my hand wet, but it wouldn't fit in the gap. I will try your suggestion of using a stick with some silicone on it.

Shaggy likes to sit in his den and look out. So I don't want to use anythig that would scare him. If I clean the glass in front of his den when he is out, I fear he will think I am tampering with his den and abandon it.

:biggrin2: Thanks for the advice,

Sounds like quite a character. Would love to see a photo of Shaggy and his den!

Good luck and let us know how that turns out... anyone else with ideas?
Dont worry he wont abandon it, and in worst case if he does he will soon go back to it.

Actually, i tend to find that an octo will flit from den to den in an aquarium anyway and that they dont tend to bear grudges for too long :smile:

just move slowly and gently with minimum disturbance and all shoul dbe well.

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