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Clam care

Mr. Krabs

Blue Ring
Nov 12, 2004
How do you care for the clams from Octopets? I set up an Eclipse system 12 with a powerhead...I know that they are syphon feeders...what else? Substrate? Oh! I was wondering if I could maybe, for simplicity's sake, keep them in the sump of my 125 gallon reef aquarium. What about how often they need to eat? Lighting isn't a priority, is it? I need all the kelp, er..help, I can get in this area. I'm pretty much in the dark.
well, I have stuff called marine snow, which is supposed to feed syphon feeders, but I also have a phytoplankton supplier at my LFS called DT's Phytoplankton. It's expensive, but if it gets the job done....
ever thought about gettin a bottle then cultivating it yourself with a few large drinks bottles??

If you tee up four or five round the light and pump it round with an air pump etc you'll be makin it for a fraction of the cost :smile:
no worries, i'll try an get a pic of a mate (if he took any) of when he set it up (tried a few diferent ways and wass very successful) but it wont be for a couple of weeks till i see him.
I split mine up, half went into the sump and half went to the refugium.
first thing they did in the refugium is head for the bottom of the sand.

even with them in the sump,
they seem to be happy as clams :oops:
How many clams can you keep together? Is it possible to overcrowd a tank? I want to keep them as octo feed but I want to make sure they are alive and healthy. I would not mind having a tank for this soul purpose but how big would it have to be to hold on average 100 clams?

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