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Dec 22, 2004
cthulhu77 said:
I have an old japanese aquarist's magazine filled with hobbyist's of the enterprising lads made a chiller using a standard small cube fridge (65 bucks here, new), and few drilled holes. Tube goes from tank to fridge, through the wall, through a long spiral coil inside the little thing, and then returns to the tank.
Pretty dang ingenious.

Perhaps disingenuous.

I was just reading an article on RC about mini-fridge chillers. It appears they're thermodynamically impossible: a small refrigerator just doesn't have the BTU-moving capacity to do any real cooling. The fridges are designed to cool a very limited volume very slowly, this application would be like keeping the door open and using it as an air conditioner. The author of this article had experience with modifying room air conditioners into chillers (considerably more hp), even though he admits at that point its cheaper to buy one.

In the face of impermeable thermodynamics, the author posits that people who report results from mini-fridge chillers aren't liars, they just haven't done a controlled experiment: when they add the chiller they've typically also done other temperature-reducing things like shortening their photo-period or removing pumps. Not disingenuous by any means, I just thought it was a fun play on words :o)

I can try to look up the article on RC if anyone is interested (which is not quite as easy as finding a bimac in an Eclipse).



TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
Makes sense...I can't read japanese, so I don't know if it worked or not. He was grinning though...


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
Feelers said:
Will their behaviour be adversly affected by the prescence of the others? ie: will they hide more if there is more than one? Do they actually interect, or only in a competitive sense?

Can go either way, if the tanks big enough :biggrin2: they may set up territories ATM ours (Gidget and Gadget :roll: ) stay pretty much out of each others way. Gidget is the biggest so has the preferred trophon shell home! Gadget has to make do with the turban shell :lol:

In a smaller tank they will sit at opposite ends and periodically make a dash across the tank and do war upon each other. Generally the more even sized they are the more battles they will have (tis a size based hierarchy), but I wouldn't put in animals that were too different as the littlest may still end up as dinner for the biggest!



Jul 10, 2005
Well, thought I'd renew this thread.
Finally got a chiller, for a really good price!!! :biggrin2: . Its a 1/2hp chiller, I got it unused for $450nzd ($298 usd). It can take the temp down to 5C, (which is damn cold!!). I think its rated to drop the temp by 15C on a 400L system.
Ill let you guys know how it works out, for the price I got it at it was a huge saving.
First impressions are its fairly loud, although I have heard that this is actually a very quite model. Its also quite a bit larger than I was expecting. I think I'm gonna have the intakes ducted from outside, to hopefully save a bit of power. Another good thing is it'll heat my room.
I'm gonna go nuts on insulation around the tank aswell, when I get to that stage.

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