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CHEAP RO/DI filter systems

That seems like a reasonable deal...I especially like the fact that they also sell the replacement stuff. Let us know how it works out !

Just do not expect to get anywhere near 125 gallons in one day from these units. I have 2 very similar to these. They work well, but you are very limitted with a 4 gallon tank (can actually hold less than 3 gallons with the bladder inside.) You can call this company or a similar one and purchase a larger holding tank.
I think it's a good deal, and though it says it is 125gal a day, will not need nearly that much....unless my 140lbs German Sheppard gets REALLY thirsty!
Hence the need for some 55 gallon trash cans...that's what we used when breeding discus (required r/o water too)...now, I just use a 30 gallon.

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