Apr 3, 2003
I've added a chat event to the calendar for Friday/Saturday. Joel and I will definitely be on (at 7 pm EST, which is 8 am in Singapore), please join us! Don't worry if you can't join right at 7.

The event is up for Friday and Saturday of this week. Whether it's Friday or Saturday depends on where you are. The World Clock will help you find out what time it will be where you are.

The World Clock — Worldwide

Let me know if I got your time wrong in the announcement!

Oh dear... there seem to be a lot of Architeuthis attacks at the moment... sorry to say (ok, sort of), I'll be off camping this weekend. Have fun though.

:meso::boat: = :bonk:
Kat, you are the one person from whom I'm really glad to hear that the squid attack is just a joke! Have fun camping, that sounds wonderful.

Joel and I will be there to gossip about Kat and all the others with prior obligations. :smile: One thing I'd really like to get from some of the time is other people's ideas of what TONMOcon should be.

Unfortunately 4:00PM PST on fridays is usually the busiest time of the week for me! But I'm always on AIM during PST business hours for any Tonmoers (My subversion of the workplace Muahahaha!!) Unfortunately I don't usually have the time to make organized chat meets :frown:
WK, thanks for posting this link! No time will be good for people everywhere, so we might try varying chat times. Joel and I settled on a time that worked for both of us.

um... Winchell, chat gossip columnist and minister of propaganda :smile:

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