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Feb 15, 2003
took a trip the other week for a couple days.... hit the beach on isle of palms (couple miles NE of downtown) and the SC aquarium... the aquarium had 3 S. officinalis with ML about 3-4in. two were about the same size and the biggest was about 4in... i took some photos and video, but the lighting conditions werent ideal.... plus for the video, the cuttles were messing with me....everytime i i touched my camera, the stopped moving around...also when the big one started moving around a little and changing colours, it was in a corner of the tank that i could see but my camera couldnt pick up....

not a bad trip though....
heres another pic of one of the cuttles.... not a bad tank, they did have a ray in there with the three of them.....not surprisingly the dont have an octo anymore...last time i went right after it opened three years ago they had an octo sitting in a bare sand tank, and even though the octo was pretty small, the tank seemed cramped.... they dont have those foot long sea cockroaches anymore either... although they did get some more turtles (their 1st one died right before they opened)

also included are pics of a squid caught by some people with a throw net on the beach on isle of palms (ML ~ 2in) and somecritters that were abundant on the beach

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