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Changed plans on Bimac tank...


Pygmy Octopus
Aug 26, 2004
I was thinking and I just do not think 240 gallons will work. I just couldn't get around the 24" width...

So, I'm building this: 360 DIY tank

I know that this is about 5X larger than necessary, but it will allow for some excelent aquascaping.

Any thoughts?
Is this really a glass tank set inside a plywood box? I see that it has a glass front, but the rest of the tank is also glass, isn't it? (Maybe this was alll explained and I went through the explanations too fast).

Nope. It's a plywood tank. :D :!: :bugout: :madsci:

The inside will be coated with epoxy and fiberglass. This is actually a very common style of tank. I can get you links to one tank that a Mod at ReefCentral made that I believe is around 400 gallons and another tank that a member made for sharks that is almost 1300 gallons.
Yeah, i have seen these done before... big plywood box with a glass front.

Its a god way of making a cheaper HUGE tank :)

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