Champions Of The Wild: Octopus

Jan 6, 2003
Just a reminder incase anyone forgets ahead of time...a special TV documentary for a half hour will be airing on animal planet on November 4th at 6:00 AM in the least were I live which is NJ. The show is called Champions Of The Wild and its aired previously but a few weeks ago. I managed to see it and I recommend anyone who loves the giant pacific octopus to watch this. A guy who's studied octo's for 30 years documents his own short show about the giant pacific octopuses on the coasts of northern California. With it, he shows videos of diving with them, showing them eat and captured above shore. It also shows their incubation habits and basic information about their life cycle. Entertaining to see. They even showed footage of a giant sun starfish feeding on dead peices of a torn up mother octopus who died after her eggs hatched. Gory sight, but interesting nonetheless.

If anyones already seen it, let me know what you thought. Its worth taking a look at and shows plenty of beautiful footage of giant octo's that iv never seen on camera.
I watched it last night! Good stuff. Nothing too new but some interesting facts and goes to show just how little we know about the pacific octopus.
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