Cephalopod-related Creature Designs

Oct 1, 2006
Hi all,
(and an apology for years of absence - the school can be rather oppressive and busy sometimes)

By the year of 2003, I started this personal project of mine, ORBIS project, which is about a constructed world that focuses more in the field of flora and fauna (much like Nemo-Ramjet's creation, Snaiad, The Specworld Project or perhaps Barlowe's Darwin IV), and been doing that ever since. I know the progress has been fairly slow (due to a hefty mixture between procrastination and schoolwork/exams), and I've been trying to find the proper style and to improve my draftsmanship/digital painting skills and techniques.

Anyways, I've designed my first section, the Coral Reefs of Vulcanesia (analogous to this world's Southeast Asia and Oceania), its various species (the scientific names are uninomial, because I strive to create clearly distinguishable designs for each), and perhaps some basic information about the ecosystem. The genre is science fantasy, therefore don't expect a good amount biomechanical accuracy in my drawings; also to be noted that Orbis is a parallel world - hence the great similarities and parallels/analogues. And partly caused by my general laziness in designing a whole new class of morphology :indiffer:

Here are the links:

the first one is still pretty much a prototype - I've considered to refurbish the layouts and field guide style since it took so much space in my computer. The second one is just a trial.

In this coral reef ecosystem, ornate-shelled ammonites and tropical cuttlefish(es) are the inspirations for these guys. And of course there will be other creatures and ecosystems, as you can see in my deviantart links.

In these attachments and links, only the ammonite types are shown - the cuttle ones are pending. Sorry !

Any critiques, comments and questions will be welcome :biggrin2:

....and, oh, another news: I just graduated by last June and took the study program of Biology in the University of Indonesia, whee! :mrgreen: