Cephalopod Day


Jun 9, 2006
Since the past 2-3 years i have been using March 23 as Cephalopod Day, and most everyone i've told now reecognizes it. why not? there are enought folks to celebrate it. what does everyone think about making March 23rd Ceph Day?

May cephalopods be bestowed eternal glory!!
Come to think of it, now i see why Oct 8 is a good idea- 8th month, 8th day... and now the 8th year!! (you're all thinking,"duh, didn't he see that before?")

Hail squid.
October is a good octopus month name but uhh, it is not August. I know that at some around Julius/Augusts Ceasars' life times the months were rearranged but I don't think October was ever the 8th month :biggrin2:
I've always assumed that at some point, September, October, November, and December were the 7th-10th months until they were given a Cesarian. I think the 10/8 rationale was also partially to include both decapod and octopod cephs, in addition to the October aspect.
That certainly makes sense. I remembered something about the months being moved but didn't think it through to figure out what they should have been.

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