Cephalopod bashing in blog awards


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Mar 8, 2004
Pharyngula/ is in a competition with the "Bad Astronomer" for some blog award, and the star-watching naked guy has the gall to be mudslinging about PZ Meyers' obsession with cephalopods (here and here )

So vote for pharyngula! Vole early, vote often (well, once a day, anyway).

Note that if it bugs you that he's a bleeding-heart liberal atheist evolutionist, you might not, in fact, want to vote for him, but you probably don't want to vote for the other guy, either... I don't know anything much about the other candidates, but Meyers has posted a great discussion of squid HOX genes, and has "cephalopod friday" entries and a periodic "cephalopod art" category, so I think most TONMO folks will approve of that part of his blog even if his political and atheological (is that a word) rants get a bit grumpy.
While I'm not a liberal, I find most of his opinions coincide with my own. Interesting site. Something to read on when I'm not surfing my usual routine boards.

Fini;84217 said:
That's too bad. I know that guy.

Phil? or PZ? I think maybe we should forget all this voting business and have them settle it by mud wrestling....
Phil's pretty skinny. He might even down. LOL!

He's a pretty opinionated guy; normally his banter is well researched, but I can hear him saying that. He loves people who think the moon landing was a fraud and conspiracy.

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