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Ceph Furniture...

Apr 7, 2004
cuttlegirl;127784 said:
That is awesome. Thanks Cuttlegirl for not only finding, and sharing, but uploading the pic to inspire us all.

Here is what I have found out: That fabric is one of several color combos made in that pattern by Duralee. However, it is only sold to people in the industry. Big whoop! If I let that stop me, I'd have nothing in my life.

However, as I have friends in the industry, they are ordering me some of it. I can always put in some more fabric if someone wants to purchase the extra.


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Donnerboy;127782 said:
Here's a cool one...

A Hoodie from a place called VNGRD. Find it here.
I went immediately to order one, thinking even if it is a little expensive, I really want it. Unfortunately, like most of the other stuff I want, it is a lot expensive! $130 for a hoodie is too far out of my meager budget this year.:cry:

PS, since being chastised, I always post pics AND links :wink:
Apr 7, 2004
Reupholstered chair fabric...

cuttlegirl;127784 said:

For all who love Cuttlegirl's find when it comes to this chair, I have found the fabric source AND a friend at an uphostery shop (the owner) will order it for us.

It's a little pricey, but not too bad at $30 a yard. However, that yard is not like what you would see in a fabric store as it's 54" wide! Why? It's upholstery fabric and it's an Indoor/Outdoor fabric. It has a 27" repeat which means that every 27" the pattern repeats. As you can see from her chair, it's a big octo.

It comes in Red as seen in above, as well as Black, Green, Blue, and Aqua.

I am buying some, so if others want to jump in, let's do it. A yard will easily cover chairs like the one seen in the picture. I am actually having cushions made for outside lawn chairs. There is no shipping charge to get the fabric to the store, but there will have to be some charge for me to get it to you. However, I should be able to put it in a padded Fedex or UPS envelope and get it to you for under $10.


Apr 7, 2004
Sweet Octo Fabric... No one else?

Erich? Tony?

So far it's just me and the D (Whatley, that is...).

We (my fiance, not dwhatley) are putting it into seat cushions for outside lawn chairs. You see, I have a weekly gathering of conservatively minded fellows known as the Esteemed Gentlemen of Cigar Night. All incur names over time, and mine is William the Submariner. Already as I have a tabby style house of seashells and stucco, I am well in character; but an octo-adorned chair will seal the deal most nicely.:sink:

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