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Ceph during day


Blue Ring
May 4, 2007
Hi, I have recently purchased an octopus through liveaquaria, this will be my forth octopus so far. I have had 2 Bluerings, 1 dwarf or O.jub, and this is my forth, I dont know what species he is but the only answer that I could get from the supplier is that he was caught in the Indo Pacific..(im still working identification). I am having trouble getting the octo to come out during the day, I have noticed that other octo keepers can get there octo to come out during the day and feed. I had no problem with my blue rings before I could drop one feeder shrimp and he would come out immeditaly.... I have seen him at night feeding but as soon as I turn on a light he swims away fast. I understand these creatures are norctornial(spelling). Does anyone have any suggestions to get him to come out during the day?
P.S. I will be posting pictures to help identify him.
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com!:welcome:

Many of the octopuses shipped from the Indo-Pacific area are turning out to be aculeatus. You might check that out.

You might have a nocturnal octopus, or perhaps there's some other reason. It may take some time for your octopus to feel at home and be willing to come out. Do you have bright lights on your tank - that can cause the octopus to stay in his tank? How about fish or other invertebrates in the tank? Some fish can be agressive.

:welcome: I don't have much to add over what Nancy said... it's pretty common that new octos will hide for a while, often up to a couple of weeks. If the octo is nocturnal, reduced lighting is good, or if you have red (preferably monochromatic) there's a range of red where octos can't see it but humans can, so the octo will think it's dark enough to come out but you'll be able to watch...
I just received my octopus from there too. I posted pictures of him under the heading first baby pictures. You can see if your octopus looks similar.

My octopus hids all the time too. I just try to stay away from the aquarium and give him time to adjust.
I have actinic lights with live rock no other inverts besides snails. I also have 3 damsels with him(which I hope he will eat).
I have seen other post where they discuss damsels being too fast for octopuses. I bought some fiddler crabs at my LFS and also have some on order. (They are cheaper over the internet.) This weekend I hope to try to introduce frozen shrimp and mussels.

Does you octopus look like mine?
Damsels have a reputation for being agressive towards octopuses, including going after their eyes. Can you remove the damsels?

I Will remove the damsels today.Thanks Nancy!, The pictures you put up are hard to tell i am working on getting pictures of mine up...The octopus was more white but he change so many colors so fast i cant tell.. the only noticeable difference my octo has eyes on top of head.

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