Central Campus: Nautiluses go to High School


Sepia elegans
Staff member
Feb 1, 2007
Hi Everyone,

In this thread, I'll be sharing the work of my students at Central Campus in Des Moines, Iowa. Central Campus is a regional academy (aka, career and technical school) that is FREE to all high school students in the area. We have about 1500 total students and 150 in the Marine Science Department. In addition to maintaining the Nautilus exhibit (only high school that I know of with nautiluses), the students also manage about 15,000 gallons of marine aquariums from 10-2500 gallons and about 150 different species. Basically, my students run an aquarium, conduct their own research projects, take a rigorous Marine Biology course, and get FREE college credit.

While this thread will focus on the work related to nautiluses, you can also follow along with our many other projects (science fairs, river cleanups, etc.) on our Facebook Page - Central Campus Marine Sciences Program | Facebook and on our website at Central Campus.

On to the nautiluses...