Captive raised S bandensis for sale in the Bay Area


Colossal Squid
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Jan 22, 2004
Hey everyone,

I have 7 captive raised 6 week old Sepia bandensis for sale. I am looking for 50 bucks each and will consider trades.
The babies are about an inch long, have been weaned off mysids and are now eating ghost shrimp, small fish, and small locally caught crabs.
I don't want to ship them so I am offering them locally before considering shipping.

For more info go to

Thanks! :biggrin2:
How big do they get?
How long do they live?
I don't have a tank set up right now for them so I probably won't be buying from this batch, but I'm very interested for future reference. Are there profiles of cephs on this site somewhere ?? I thought I looked everywhere ...
There really isn't all that much info about bandensis. The literature agrees with what Joel said, but I can't find any info on them being kept long term in captivity.
IME, the mantle length is more between 5 and 8 cm and the lifespan is more like 18 months to 2 years. My oldest I have had for over 8 months and his mantle was at least 4 cm when I got him, which leads me to believe he was at least 6 months when I got him.
Hopefully, with this batch, we'll get some better info.
About a week before it died, it refused food and gave out some fine white clusters from its siphon. It wasn't too lethargic around that time though, and when he died he released a pretty massive amount of ink.
omg u have one!!!!!!!!

oh my god ive been looking for one for like months!!! you have one :biggrin2: im so intrested in getting one or 2 or 3 lol, and also joel were did you get your s. bandensis sry for incorrect spelling :wink: omg tell me that your still selling them and if not were did you buy your first one??????
Well, im in Singapore so i just got it at an LFS, they're usually not too hard to find (for me) but i can't get any lately. righty is in the US and is breeding them.

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