captive bred bimacs

Apr 20, 2005
If I set up a few shallow tubs in my cellar i could probably breed fiddler crabs. From what I hear they breed several times a year, are born plankton sized and then grow into full crabs. hundreds of larva are produced. I wonder how difficult it is to raise them from that stage.

I am also looking at common shore shrimp from This could be a good food for small octopus.and they are easy to breed. I can breed rotifers easly. That seems like a pritty complete food cycle for the octopus.amphipods, rotifers, mysid,shore shrimp,fiddlers. should I offer another food sorce for the octopus fry?
I sent an email to the guy thats getting me bimacs to see if he could get octopus eggs.I'll update you once I get a responce.(it will be a few months until he gets hear so I have time to set up the food tanks.)

hear is a pic of a possable rearing tank.
Feb 24, 2005
usually takes about a month after they disperse the eggs. one thing that you have to do though is seperate the parents from the water area or take them out to a different tank cause they will filter feed their own young

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