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Can Octopuses Overeat?

Oct 13, 2005
Blinky hadn't eaten for nearly a week, but last ngiht, she ate a medium sized hermit crab, then this afternoon, she had an oregon crab that was the same size as her, THEN about an hour ago, she ate another medium hermit! The has been pushing legs and carapaces out all night! Is it possible that cephalopods can overeat? if so, what are the effects of it? The tank temperature is 70*F, so her metabolism should be pretty normal. I just can't see her being hungry after all that...i'm gonna run out of food before long if she keeps this up...
No, they can't overeat. She must be very hungry. Have you tried thawed frozen shrimp yet? Might be good to introduce that soon...

Go to the grocery store and buy a big bag of frozen uncooked shrimp, thaw a piece in Blinky's tank water, and offer it on a stick. Then when you run out of live food you will have a backup food source until you get more live food.

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