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can octopuses get sick


Blue Ring
Feb 6, 2005
I think my octopus got sick cause it's acting weird and it has been white for a very long peireid (sp) of time i am getting woreid :sad: :boohoo: :bugout: i need help i dont know what to do :sad:
Make sure your water parameters are good. Did you use RO water as the basis for your saltwater?

If you do have a briareus, it is night active and can be stressed being out in the light. Does it have a good place to hide?

How large is your tank and what sort of filtration do you have?

oh um...... well he or she is in a temperary(sp) 2gallon tank and i plan on soon moving her into a 30 gallon by the end of this month (it's better than that small jar she was in) the fillter is a hmmm....um....well..hmmm i dont know but the tank is an eclips so that might help she diid seem a lot better last night but.......
what dose RO mean?????
Your octo is in a 2 gallon eclipse? That's far too small, even for a small octopus.

A briareus will eventually have arms 2 ft. long each. It's going to be too large for a 30 gallon tank, too.

Where are you getting your water? - you need to use water purified by reverse osmosis (RO)and preferably deionization (DI) before you add the sea salt mix. Or are you just getting sea water from the ocean?

Do you have test kits for your water and some way to measure salinity and pH?

I think you should consider returning this octo to the LFS or to the ocean, wherever it came from and then looking into what you need to keep an octopus successfully. We have articles on our Ceph Care page (click on the Ceph Care button above).

It will take some time to gather everything and cycle your tank, but then you will have a good place for octopus to live. Keeping a salt water aquarium, necessary for keeping salt water inhabitants, is not easy, simple or inexpensive. However, many of those who take the time and effort find the results worth the trouble.

autophagy disease, which can be brought about by stress (apparently the prion - a wee pre virus thingy) can be dormant in the cells until the animal is stressed, and unfortunately transport can do this. There is no cure for this and the best thing is to euthanise the octi (put it in a sealed plastic bag or container of seawater in the freezer, this is the equivalent of "putting it to sleep").if ur octo looks white,or loses his arms there is about an 50/50 chance of servival :neutral:
better chance of survival in the open ocean...

Yep, you might need to re-think this adventure...


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