can I add something else now?


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Nov 14, 2002

put the snails back in, they are doing fine.. they are simply eating the algae off of the rocks, i can see that from the pictures you posted, nothing is wrong there at all.

Corals are not such a good addition to a ceph tank, they need bright light which the cephs dont like and the excess waste from an octo will probably be too much for them to handle. ALSO an octopus is likely to dig and bury corals or turn them upside down etc.

Feather dusters are prone to being buried and moved too, i have tried them also.

O.vulgaris, do you have any pics of your octopus? I am really keen to see a pic of it snapping a snail in half with its beak!? :bugout: What was all that rubbish about feather dusters spawning, decomposing and feathers etc??? LOL :lol:


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Nov 20, 2002
Hi all,

I can certainly second what Colin says given my current experience with a full grown bimac. He has rearranged, moved and turned over about every rock in the tank. He continually disrupts, moves and tosses large quantities of sand. He breaks off things trying to grow by just galloping over them. So I can't really have anything but him in the tank. (I also have a pencil urchin, who seems much by Ollie's activities, and a few snails.)

Now, maybe not all bimacs are quite as active as Ollie, but I really can't count on keeping much of anything else in the tank. On the other hand, one octopus is quite entertaining enough.

One of the best things I did was to set up a small (19 gallon) tank to house my cleaner shrimp (to save him from being a meal for Ollie). In this smaller aquarium I've been able to have all those interesting things that I can't have in the large aquarium. Otherwise, I think I might be frustrated!

Jul 26, 2003
colin will get pic's some time soon, rubish, i was giving positive feedback on feather dusters.LOL :P
nancy, i have to say, it sound's as if you have a little spoiled hyperactive brat in your tank, just kidding,hehe. :roll:

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