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can a bimac live in a 24gal nano aquarium

Mar 19, 2005
hi i have set up a 24gal nano aquarium and would like to put a bimac in it. there is a 3 stage integrated filtration that includes a large mechanical sponge to trap particulate matter before reaching a bag of activated carbon. the carbon then removes dissolved organics and odor. ceramic rings and bioballs are provided for an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria. a 290 gph pump is also included for proper water circulation. the owner of octopets told me this set up would be perfect for an octopus and 2 other people. but i need other opinions on this setup before i buy an octopus. it is alomost cycled or will be in a few days/week so please answer as fast as you can. any info would be appreciated thanx
Welllllllll...that seems a little small for a bimac...could you keep one in that tank? Yes. Would it be the best setup for one? Probably not...a 55 is the minimum size most of us use for bimacs. You are also going to need to have a skimmer on whatever tank you use...quite necessary!
Let us know what you decide, whichever way...and good luck with your ceph !
I got my baby bimac from octopets it was tiny the size of a nasarius snail and I kept it in a 12 gallon eclipse for the first 2 months while I had a 46gallon bow cycleing now it is in the 46 and doing great
Yea, I agree that 24 is really small to keep a bimac in...unless your just keeping it in there for it's first 2 or 3 months...and then placing it in a much bigger tank thats 55 gallons or more.

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