CA dive sites for Octos

Nov 22, 2005
Hi, I live in the SF bayarea(Concord) and was wondering where my best bet for spotting an octopus would be. I can dive open water, but am a bit novice. Anyways, assuming a max drive time of about 2.5hrs from the bay area, where/what conditions are going to give me a good chance of seeing an octo?

Have you tried tidepooling? If you go during a negative tide and be patient while peeking into pools with rocks that have a space under them, you may see a tentacle or two... I have enticed octopus out from under the rock by dangling a stick or piece of seaweed in front of their den. They are kind of like a cat, if you are patient, they won't be able to stand it anymore and have to investigate. I have seen more octopus in tidepools than while diving... of course I spent many more hours tidepooling than diving, hmmm...

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