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Buy 1000 get 1000 FREE - AquariumDepot.com

Jul 22, 2018
Today AquariumDepot.com has the Best deal on Pods - Buy 1000 for $29.99 - Get 1000 for FREE!

Our Copepods and Amphipods are the best deal in the country - check out these reviews:

On 8.19.2018 - Jason stated: "Even if you don't have any fish that eat Pods you would get these they help with so much more than just a source of food. They arrived alive and ready to go. My fish love when I add them to their tank."

On 8.21.2018 - Corrine said "I have been ordering there live food for a while. Great copepods, etc. and best with the bogo amount. These bags are great! fish and tank love them. Can't wait until next time the bogo."

On 9.12.2018 - Dennis raved "Awesome pack, all all arrived alive!!"

On 10.17.2018 - Peter S had this to say about the Copepods & Amphipods at AquariumDepot.com - "Christina is great, I raise seahorses and I order these every month, always packed with pods and very pleased with packaging and timing."

Also - Check out our latest AquariumDepot video on Cleaner Shrimp


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