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Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
I read about Barnaby in the thread discussing the trend problems and the response from SWF.com (I am getting impressed with this site, not many who use importers would have taken the time to enter our forum) and dreaded reading this post. I know AM is still distressed over Tuvalu because this species seems so appropriate for an aquarium and human interface so, sadly, the effects will be longer lasting than the amount of time you spent with him.

There is a lot of wonder and great communication trying to raise a pet that so little is known about even its natural life style and this is the saddest part but I continue to be impressed with the willingness of members and now a dealer to explore.

Chin up.


Aug 3, 2007
"D", I know you and so many others have given me so many positive things to work with on improving my experience level as well as heart felt concern and I appreciate this soo much. Yesterday was a tough day for me as I have never had an experience like this and it really knocked me for a loop, I know my length of time with barnaby was less but this was on a different level because it also hit my confidence very hard-I think anyone reading all my numerous questions about my stuff would be able to know I was for the most part a "worring parent to be" and my worst fear in my eyes came true.. I brought him into my house and he died. In talking with AM I feel a bit better but will always have that concern until it doesnt happen, I just cant help it, but I know I am not the only one with that, just probably the most inexperienced. I will keep trying and will keep asking all the questions I can "leaching" off of everyone here lol. I am just thankfull for everyones patience with all the info I ask for!! Hopefully some day I will be knowledgable enough to return the favor to other new owners.
PS. I am also very impressed with SWF.com as even yesterday during my distress I defended them continually because of there help, concern, and the 15day guarentee, this part means so much but not for the reason most would think-money back. The reason is it tells me how important the customer is to them and want to make sure comes back. Not even my LFS will give any kind of insurance like that. Its the you broke it you bought it routine. I cant really fault the LFS because of so many inexperienced people buying things because they are "pretty" or "cool looking" as well as kids just tring to sell something.
Ok, now I have gone off on a rant and will stop ....
again, tyvm D!!!