Buds Pictures and Journal


Jun 21, 2007
well here is some pictures of bud hanging out at the top of the tank, he is not as shy as i thought he would be.. i am also thinking he is a male, i am not 100% sure, i need to do some more close inspecting on him. but for now, i think he is a male..


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buds mantel is only about 1" long. i would say when he is stretch out he is around 1' total width, i will get a picture with somthing for reference, i havnt seen bud walking on two legs yet! lol.
Bud ate some of the shrimp i gave him tonight for sure, he held it and flashed very dark reds and blues and blacks, was awsome, i didnt get a picture as he has now vanished back into the rock work but i am sure he will be out later.. try to get a ruler and a pic so you can see the size.
here is a picture with him behind the cord of the maxijet, you can see how small he is compared to the cord.


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Hey i just wanted to thank you for the idea for the aquarium cover, I just finished mine today and it looks pretty nice, not as messy as my other DIY projects. Anyways thanks for the idea.
Bud hanging out in his fav corner of the tank it seems, that is a 1" bulkhead behind him, so it is probly what 2" or somthing close to that on the outside?


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i dont think my tank water temp is right for this octo.. i cant seem to get my water warm enough.
my tanks temp ranges from 72 to 75.
according to a paper sent to me by Crissy Huffard it should be between 80 to 98, at least that was the ranges she recorded during her studies of them, maybe that why he hasnt been as active as i have hoped,
thats if i did convert those temps correctly. 27 to 37 Celsius depending on tide and time of day
i think i might need to get one more heater, that would be 3 in that one tank, i keep my house around 68, maybe if i closed that stand in it would help keep some heat inside the sump area, that would probly help to.. i did convert those numbers right? right?
if i could get the temp to around 83 that would be better for him i think, and not to harsh on the few other tankmates.

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