Breeding Crabs!!!!


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
Sniperjoe said:
crabs are scavengers and will eat anything
Not all of them are! Porcelain crabs are filter feeders and although Swimming crabs and Cancer Crabs scavenge they will take clams!



Pygmy Octopus
Jul 4, 2006
hey joefish,

I was wondering if you could provide any insight on how your fiddlers handle the winter up there in zone 8, provided that you have kept them overwinter outside. How often do they breed? How do they behave in cold weather? Any idea how they handle dramatic temperature and salinity fluctuations resulting from rainfall? If they could handle brackish conditions, this would greatly lower costs and allow me to cultivate a few plant species. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Having a perm source of octo food right outside my back door would be fairly snazzy. Not to mention having my own private "beach!"

I have a 75 gallon I have considered turning into a mangrove tidal tank with fiddlers. However, I wouldnt need to fork out my savings on a lighting system for a kiddie pool on the patio under sunlight. Im guessing it wouldnt look half bad either! Fortunately for me red mangroves grow in zone 9B even during hours of direct frost! I just need to figure out crab logistics and how to handle an average of 60" of annual rainfall in a saline dependant environment.

As I mentioned in another thread, I will be heading to the coast on Friday to collect as many species as possible. Its pretty much a done deal! The only major concern will be hauling buckets full of sand.

Thanks for the inspiration =)


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Nov 20, 2002
We've been keeping fiddlers in a low plastic box for more than two years now. Ours are indoors, so I can't tell you about temperature. The interesting thing is they live in damp sand, come out at night to feed. Yes, they filter sand, but they will sink their little claws into pieces of fruit and they love popcorn. We feed them popcorn, flakes (on the sand), fresh fruit and lettuce. Although they occasionally eat the lettuce, they also use it to cover their holes.

They have a "pond" of brackish water but spend time there only during molting. Each night the "tide" comes in (water is poured onto the sand).

Never had any luck with breeding, but they're not so difficult to keep.

Feb 24, 2005
well around here the fiddlers go down into the holes for hibernation after the water temp drops below about 67 deg F. so most the winter we dont even see them. being in fla you shouldnt have a problem. just put a heater in the tank to keep the water temp up and the cold air shouldnt affect them
Jan 4, 2006
I just got about 50-70 fiddlers at Yankeetown this weekend. If you go to the boat ramp past the bridge there is a cleared beach to the right that has TONS of fiddlers. So many that next time we go we are going to bring a large fish net and some plastic tarp material to try to herd them into the netting. I just got them to create ammonia.