[Octopus]: Brainiac - Finally have an octopus :)


Dec 13, 2013
This is a long overdue update, but Brainiac didn't make it. About three weeks after I had it, I hadn't seen any sign of it and had an ammonia spike, so assume it was dead. Three weeks later, I moved and had all my animals in good water waiting while I made new water to transfer everything back.

When moving my live rock it jumped out at me...I was shocked..all this time it had still been alive. It went pretty deep into my rock...I tried setting up my tank as fast as I could, but wasn't able to save it in time. I wish I had had somewhere ready to put it...I just had no idea it was still alive. I really should have assumed it was just in case...lesson learned...and still feeling pretty bad about the poor guy.

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