Book review: The End of the Line


Jan 22, 2004
For once, I may have something interesting to say

***meanwhile, in Hell, Satan learns ice-skating***

I'd like to recommend the book called "The End of the Line" by Charles Clover (ISBN: 0091897815). A must-read for somebody who hangs around this section of the forum. Arguably the best book on (over)fishing I've ever read. A tremendous wealth of facts and figures relating to marine reserves, fishing, stock collapses, recovery stories, etc. Perfect to feed various letters to local politicians, nothing beats arguments backed up with facts. Gives a great view of the global challenge of resolving the current fishing trend.

Sounds like a good read, Pierre. I plan on borrowing it from the library next semester (Jan.).

A few weeks ago I finished a book called Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World by Mark Kurlansky. Seemed appropriate being out in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. A very short book, but very well researched and interesting to read. Unbelievable some of the pictures and stories of what they used to pull out of the Banks (though its the same for any commerical species). Really makes you appreciate what nature had achieved all that much more when you realize there's been a moratorium for I don't know how many years and the fish are still too small and immature to be commercially fished. I do hope that they can come back (some studies are hinting otherwise...).


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