Bonjour from New Orleans, Louisiana!


Blue Ring
Nov 5, 2020
I just discovered this group while reading the book The Soul of an Octopus. I’m looking forward to meeting others who share the love for octopuses. Thank you!
Hi TeaMerchant! I see you live in N.O., i myself am in Ponchatoula. I have been attracted to Octos for a long while, but have only recently acted on it and actually started to learn about them. I have become rather obsessed with them and it only gets worse. You will find the people on this site to be friendly and patient with those of us wanting to learn and they even put up with and graciously answer my questions, which can become numerous when i get going. I am looking forward to making your acquaintance and talking about these ( enter superlative here, they are all accurate ) animals. I find the more i learn about them, the more obsessed i become, but i imagine that's true for just about everyone. 🐙👋

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