Sepia elegans
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Jan 6, 2005
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This family contains 2 genera. They are deep sea octopuses found in tropic and temperate waters circumglobally.

Japetella diaphana

Info at:


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I'm glad to see someone else posting to this forum! Even I forget that I have posted some nice ID information in the octopuses more common to our tanks. Adding these cool guys will help remind us to look here.

Are you working with any of these that you are posting in school or just taking advantage of the need to post them to help familiarize yourself better?
Well D, I'm not working with any of these, but the squids that both heather and I are working on, seem to be neglected from these forums! haha. So those will get added evenutally. But this is something I've been wanting to do for a while, because I LOVE ceph diversity. I just figured I have some free time every now and then, might as well post some cool squidz! :smile:
schmidt saw one of these last night, never seen one interact with the seafloor before. link is to timestamp of observation start:

have a ID of bolitaena pygmaea for this one, suggested by mike v and confirmed by heather judkins. ID was made based on size of eyes, dense pigmentation, and lack of iridophores on the dorsal portion of the head
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