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Bimac Variances

Jul 24, 2003
Can you tell me how you would know the difference if you were shipped a bimaculeatus by mistake instead of a bimaculoides.

Both have two spots, are they different spots? they look the same.

They're closely related, so they might be confused. The bimaculatus will grow larger and has small eggs while the bimaculoides is slighly smaller and lays large eggs.

The rings are different. We have only the O. bimaculoides ring posted here, in the Bimac Care Sheet (click on the Ceph Care button above). Note the unbroken chain. Bimaculatus has an irridescent blue ring in the form of a broken chain with spokes.

Cheers Nancy

I thought it was the broken chain thing, rememebr reading in Cephlodpods of the World book....hmmm seems this is it then, for the difference.

So you could actually receive a baby and unless you manage to study is chain closely then you wouldnt know it was actually a bimaculutus until it got much larger...??


Im checkin because I have two routes of order...

1) direct with octopets an risk death on overseas travel

2) with a main supplier to this country, not sure of his source, but suppose there is always the chance of the wrong one arriving!! Which would be a nightmare since my tank is just enough for a bimaculoides!
Have you talked to Jim about whether he even can legally ship to you, and if he can, what the shipping options are?

I ran a check through DHL's webpage and they can get a package to London from Carlsbad in two days for $120 (I estimated the dimensions and weight of an Octopets box). FedEx has a next-flight-out service, but you have to call for a quote and I'm sure it will cost considerably more.

Definately get Jim's advice on what he thinks your chances are. Giving you one that's slightly larger might make him more robust, however he'd spoil the water sooner... Keep in mind the bimac that was lost in a warehouse for 4 days was still alive when he finally arrived (its death was another in a string of new bimac deaths--it may or may not be related to shipping).

Cheers Dan

Already spoke to Jim some timeago and yes it can be done since I could sort FSA and DEFRA out for licences and Customs and Excise for Import

Will take more time than I have at mo, so unsure what to do especially if I go to all that trouble and then it goes pear shaped with a death...weary of risk.

But at the same time you wouldnt be able to beat doing it all yourself especially since its taken 2 years to get the tank ready (very almost)

I know Colin was after eggs if I do so if there is a death theres a back up plan at least......unsure

!!!! the risk was also if I get though supplier it may end up being a bimaculutus by mistake!!!
Cheers Scouse!

Before Ollie arrived I worried about the same thing that concerns you. And when she arrived, I realized it would be months before her ring would be large enough, and she would hold still enough, for me to even verifiy that she was a bimac. However, I also learned that the two species aren't usually caught in the same areas, when they're wildcaught. She did turn out to be a bimac, although she grew quite large.

That's a very long way to have a little octopus shipped. Maybe Colin and the eggs is the best route.

Your tank is coming along!


Can does your LFS not deal with TMC? I'm sure last time i hard they could get these. To be fait though, octo ID's from TMC leave a lot to be desired.

Colin will be able to give more input on this.


alright Mikey

yes mate the supplier i spoke of earlier is TMC but unless you get from fishsupply.com or octopets (think these supply the former) you deffo know thats what your gettin an have to wait 2-3 months...a long time if it turns up an its not a bimaculoides!!

But thinkin about my spare time at mo and i may be forced to with TMC as i wont be able to do the extensive chasing through FSA/DEFRA/C&E that i did originally.

nice one
Scouse said:
But thinkin about my spare time at mo and i may be forced to with TMC as i wont be able to do the extensive chasing through FSA/DEFRA/C&E that i did originally.

Just don't forget we're putting the new cover sheets on the TPS reports...

Its from a movie that's gained quite a cult following here. I thought I'd try to let you know you'd lost some of us non-Britons who are nonetheless curious about the octo acquisition process over there. :smile:

cool!!! whats TPS stand for i'll ave a gander...the missus is movie junkie!!

FSA - Fish something Agency....US guardian of travelling octo's
DEFRA - Department of Food and Rural Affairs...UK guardian of travellin octo's
C&A - Customs and Excise....UK guardian of smugglers effects

need licences off all these including a shipping agent and a large barrel of patience!!
That sounds like quite a few layers of bureaucracy to swim through! Is there established paperwork that you do for each agency or does it require calling each office and trying to find someone willing to help?


PS--The movie is called Office Space and I don't remember them ever revealing what TPS actually stood for.
errr yeah there is set paper work first get a shipping agent...one of my best mates is...sorted...otherwise they wont deal with you then proceed with licences and discuss with both defra and c&a who both have offices in london and at london heathrow airport and none talk to each other!!!

mad mad world

fsa are cool on the email so sorted there

but if a i wanna do it its fine it can be sorted but just no time for at mo as it takes hours and hours to sort!!

Office Space...whats it about?

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