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bimac tank 55 gallon

Oct 21, 2004
would this list work:

Tank--55 gallon--long
2 emperor 400s (power filters that do 400 gph.)
protine skimmer
live rock

anything else nessacary Ive never kept a sw tank but know heck of alot about fresh water fish

mabe a sump and diys on how to make one?
Hi, and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

That's a start, but you won't need a heater with a bimac, only with a tropical octopus.

We find sumps very usuful - have you looked at Colin's Equipment List for guidelines on equipment? Lots of good info there. Just click on Ceph Care above for a list of our articles.

Yes, thats great as a start, but you might need a lot more than just those. What type of water will you put in your tank? You may need an R/O unit system to filter water to make it pure, and fresh. And then add the salt.
To read salinity levels you should get a hydrometer. For water temperatures you should get a thermometer for your tank.
Plus a little lighting wont hurt if it's not too bright. So I would suggest you check on the equipment list on this site. Everything on that list s something you might wanna get. And yes, sumps would be wonderful if you can get one.

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