Bimac size and feeding question.

Feb 2, 2008
personally i would go with a briareus. even though i've never had one i love there color and i have heard they are very interactive. if you are looking for a smaller octo and want to give it extra space i would go with a. aculeatus because they are interactive but that is from personal experience and other octos could have a totally diff. personality.
Sep 8, 2006
All octos have a form of toxin. The majority of them are relatively harmless to people. The bite may hurt and cause irritation and swelling but as long as you don't get a blue-ring death isn't very likely.

You might try and ask for a very small one. If he doesn't have any in stock he can probably find you as he is a diver/collector himself. There's no guarantee on how long they'll live when you get them, as there's no way to tell how old they are when you get them. I got lucky and I'm thinking mine was about 10-12 weeks old when I got it.

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