Bimac octo baby : WANTED

The Gnome

Feb 5, 2006
Does anybody out there in the briny deep know where I could go to actually purchase a baby bimaculoide octopus. (website or magazine) I'm trying to find a breeder within the USA ... I haven't had any success so far. I have a 200 gallon system that is finally aged enough to introduce him into it.

If anyone out there can help me, please do so ! :grin:
He found me. Thanks for the help !

I'll have to wait until I move to actually order, but one month isn't too long to wait . . . besides - I have to build a custom top to contain the beastie. I have dual durso overflows and I don't want him escaping down into the sump - that would have DISASTROUS results.

I'll post pics on this thread in case anyone wants to see what I've got now as soon as I can.

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