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Best Nocturnal Octo?


Oct 14, 2008
due to my income, I am looking at getting a pygmy octo. My schedule and sleeping habbits allow me to work well with a nocturnal octo. Given the fact that a strictly nocturnal octo is no problem, is there an active, colorful, inteligent pygmy octopus? If not, what is the closest to those specifications?
Sep 8, 2006
Only pygmy you're going to find in the USA most likely will be O. mercatoris but they aren't typically all that active/interactive. Some other members have had good experiences keeping multiples in tanks together though so that is a plus, and they can also be raised from eggs so it is possible to sustain generation after generation until inbreeding becomes an issue. I don't know where to find any currently. If you stick around long enough you might be able to pick up some captive-bred O. chierchia babies.