Beans is here!!!!!!

Dec 4, 2008
I recently ordered the octopus from live aquaria. I ordered the one from the indo-pacific. I am almost sure he/she is an aculeatus. I got one pic of him/her peeking at me. Also pic of beans acclimating. How big do these guys mantle get? The bag came triple bagged. They where the biggest bags i have ever seen. Beans was very courious in acclimation he/she reached out and toughed me.


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Dec 4, 2008
I havent gotten a good look at his/hers mantle yet, but i am worried because i think his/hers mantle is about 2 in!:evil: I still havent gotten a good look at him/her yet to tell though. How big do there mantles get a full grown?

Well last night beans ate a cracked open clam.:shock: I guess he/she was really hungry because he was in transit for about 2 days.

I will try and get more pic when he/she comes out.

He/She has now dug a hole behind this huge rock. Where i think might be his/her den.

I got some Harlequin Serpent Starfish. Will beans eat them? I saw one go into his den and i havent seen him again.:hmm:


Sep 14, 2008
It is very unusual for an octopus to eat a starfish, But I think it has happened. The reason he is probably in his den is to clean up his mess when he is done eating.


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Sep 4, 2006
:welcome: Beans!

As I mentioned, Live Aquaria packs all the animals with extreme care. The age of the octopuses (and especially the cuttles) and species identification have been the only known concerns. The best way you can get an idea on current health (and to some extent how much time you will have with Beans) is to watch for a full range of color and pattern changing. Near the natural end, this will be greatly diminished. At two inched (often over guessed) she is certainly an adult but sizes can vary considerably in all octopuses. I have found it best not to worry too much about it (my journals make a liar out of me though) and make the most out of the experience.

You do not have to worry about the serpent and the octo (or visa-versa). The harlequin is probably one of the most reculsive but will learn feeding time (especially if you are consistent) and will come out (or at least be partially visible) to look for food at that time. With the mercatoris (dwarf), it was easier to locate them in the 45 by finding the serpents as they were rarely far from the dens. The funniest interaction I have seen with the serpents was with one of my tank raised females. After being released from the her net (at about 4 months) she immediately found the barnacles where she was born and took up residence. The only time I ever saw her leave it was to slide down to a lower shell, allowing the ever present serpent to crawl in, clean the shell and leave. As soon as the maid finished the house work, she returned to her home.