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Pygmy Octopus
Aug 23, 2008
Just an update,

I believe I identified Barney as a ATLANTIC LONGARM OCTOPUS (OCTOPUS DEFILIPPI), if I am incorrect on this, please let me know. I tried to study as many of the species as I can that would be close to what Barney would resembles.

It seems his arms are about 5-7 times the length of his body. His eyes are high up and a bump above each one. His first missing 2 arms are just about grown back to normal length with suckers completely. With the length of him from tip to tip (about almost 20 inches) he should be around half to 2/3's of his life span. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong on this.

Here is the best part...

I have converted him from live fiddlers to eating silver sides and krill, he eats with vigor on both and seems to rather enjoy both. He actually takes the food out of my hand, he rubs my fingers at first, then swipes the food from them.

I do find that he is out mostly in the daytime and some during the evening. Since his tank is right next to my wrok desk and computer, he watches me work most of the day. I even play some octopus vidoes and he does recognize that something is going on, whether or not he knows what is on the monitor is a mystery. I am still playing with this idea to see if I get different reactions from different stuff.

I can honestly tell you that the best thing I did was to setup a seperate refugium with a huge protein skimmer and a large bag of charcoal with additional bio balls. The water quality is absolutley perfect and Barney seems happy with his 2 dens he has created. 1 of them I created with a empty shell that used to belong to a huge crab i had for a few years. That is Barney's favorite den.

Another thing I noticed, he has not tried to get out, at least I have seen so far. He has no way out because "gorrila duct tape" is your best friend if you are housing an octo.

He is a male, has a right 3rd arm that is very apparent and curled up most of the time.

Most faciniating thing I have done in my life is to learn about octos and Barney just thrills me everyday I see him.

Steve O'Shea, If you read this, I feel totally dumb. I have been following you on the discovery channel with all of the shows you have been in and have not put 2 and 2 together to know it was you all this time. My apologies. I commend your work and I am quite jealous of what you do. I have always wanted to do something like you do at least 1 time in my life for a day! Keep up the good work!

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