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Baby O.vulgaris HELP!!!


Jan 8, 2007

Correction on my morning post. They arnt baby O.vulgaris. Turns out some one in my lab put them there while i was away, trying to play with me into thinking its left from the octopus.
They are squid. A guy from my lab found squid eggs and brought them in. So all the babies are little squid.
Actualy they may be cuttlefish...i really dont know. Tomorow ill try and take some pics.
So, again, any one got advice on rearing baby cuttlefish/squid? is it possible?
Cuttles are well possible, provided sufficient tank size, squid, mostly pelagic species, remember, are next to impossible outside of expert laboratory conditions and then some. Consider a circular Monterey aquarium style tank of mythical proportions :shock:

For cuttles, just check out the excellent starter pages on this site's ceph care section.

PS: Squid and bluefin tuna don't mix well :wink:
You'll need a HUGE cylindrical tank if they are squid and mega quantities of food! Hope they're cuttles!!! The biomedical institute in Galveston keeps Loliginid squid so maybe fluffysquid will have some advice! Also :oshea: and Kat have kept them.


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