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baby cuttle question


Jun 5, 2008
Hello, I had a question. Will baby cuttle all hatch at the same time? if they didn't would they prey on smaller newly hatched cuttle's? or do you remove the older ones as soon as they hatch?
They will not hatch at the same time, but eggs from the same clutch will all hatch within 1-2 weeks of each other. If they are sepia Bandnensis, they 'should' not eat each other. I emphasize should because at one time a couple years ago, some eggs sold as bandensis circulated to a few hobbyists where these babies were very cannibalistic. In every other experience Ive had or heard of, cannibalism does not occur.
I have been resarching how to care for cuttle fish in captivity for three years, and was wondering if anyone could tell me if they think I am ready to give one a shot. Please don't be afraid to say no. And in the event that I start a cuttle tank I am planning on using a 55 gallon and was going to stalk it with 4 cuttles.